The idea of Foodless came into my mind when people actually thought I couldn’t eat anything anymore. Some even thought it was such a big effort to adjust your lifestyle if you have got food allergies, intolerances or just different eating habits.

Why Foodless? ‘Because I can eat less food’

Especially when I said I have two different food intolerance (gluten and lactose) they didn’t even understand how I was able to shop in a super market. Imagine living without bread, pasta and cheese? Impossible right? Not at all! You can eat a lot, you can even do your groceries in the store around the corner, just make sure everything is fresh.

I discovered there’s a bit of a taboo on people with different eating habits. Quite interesting as more people discover every day that they’re allergic to certain ingredients. With Foodless I am going to prove that having a food intolerance is not the worst thing in the world, its manageable (very much) and it just brings out your creativity.

Let me show you the best gluten free sandwiches, how an apple pie can be gluten and lactose free, where you eat with your food intolerances. Discover your daily intake of allergy free recipes here on

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Enjoy Foodless!