Rocket with goat cheese and smoked pepper

Every december I host a dinner party for my girlfriends and one of the dishes I made was this one. A lovely salad of rocket with goat cheese and smoked pepper. My friends loved it and I bet you do as well.


  • 75 gr. rocket
  • 1 jar smoked peppers (±450 gr.)
  • goat cheese with honey

The preparation of this dish is actually quite simpel as it only contains 4 steps.

Put the rocket into a salad bowl, cut the peppers and take apart the goat cheese. Add the peppers and cheese to the rocket and you are done!

Quick and very delicious salad of rocket with goat cheese. Can’t wait to hear your opinion!

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Carlijn is een ervaringsdeskundige als het op overleven met een gluten- EN lactose-intolerantie aankomt.

Haar favoriete eten? Sushi, poké bowls en aardbeien!