Raw salmon with wasabi sesame seeds and cucumber

You can eat salmon in so many ways that I’ve chosen raw salmon today. Between you and me: I actually prefer raw salmon! But its mostly served as sashimi or rolled in sushi rice. But I decide to do something different and use my cooking rings to create something beautiful: raw salmon with wasabi sesame seeds.

Ingredients for 4:

  • 300 gr. salmon filet (without skin)
  • 1 cucumber
  • (wasabi) sesame seads
  • soy sauce (Attention: not all soy sauces are gluten free!)

You also need:

  • Spiral slicer
  • Cook/Bake ring

Cut the salmon into little pieces. Rinse the cucumber and cut it into strings with the spiral slicer.

Put the bake ring on a plate en start with the cucumber strings. Top that with the raw salmon and press firmly. Take the ring off and pour the sesame seeds on the salmon. Serve with soy sauce on the side.

You can cut the salmon and cucumber way in advance. Just keep it covered in the fridge with cling film. Serve the plates quickly after making them as the ‘towers’ are quite delicate and could fall apart.

Love to get your opinion on this dish!

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