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Everything that you read at Foodless.net is because you want it, not because I say to have to. If you don’t agree with me I strongly suggest you just click away. If you do feel like discovering delicious recipes, amazing restaurants and interesting articles just keep on reading.

If I feel like changing the terms of use, I do that whenever I feel like doing it (I think I won’t at all, but you’ll never know) so just check this page every now and then.

I am doing the best job I can to keep all the recipes, articles and reviews up to date but I can’t guarantee the integrity, reliability, suitability and availability of products, services or pictures.

When we’re talking about opening hours, prices, addresses, phone numbers, travel information and website links I strongly advice you to do a ‘‘check-check-double-check’. Nobody likes to stand in the pouring rain in front of a closed restaurant or to discover something is prices three times higher than I initially said.


I really make an effort to give you the right information the day I publish a blog, recipe or article. It could happen that the information I give you is less relevant or accurate when time flies (while reading this you just lost another 3 minutes, life goes quickly people!). If you see something that is incorrect I’d really appreciate it if you contact me and tell me about it. I might change it (or at least put it on my to do list). It’s that simple.

Copyright Policy

Unless stated differently I (Carlijn Bröring, owner of Foodless) am the legal owner of all the material (written, multi media and graphical) on this website and therefore it cannot be used, printed, changed or published without my written consent.

A hyperlink to Foodless.net needs to appear in every copy of a recipe, picture, movie, blog and press release.

Guest bloggers are responsible for their own material and need to make sure that their work it suitable and is following relevant foreign, food combination laws. Basically I said: no gross things.

The opinions of readers who comment on blog might not be supported by Foodless and/or Carlijn. I am not taking any responsibility for it.


All the info you can find here on Foodless.net is used for informative and entertainment purposes and can include the (call it strong, call it Dutch) opinions of the Foodless bloggers and/or me. Foodless doesn’t give any medical advice! I strongly suggest you contact your (handsome) doctor, your friends, a bottle of wine, google or your favorite bartender (just kidding) if you have got problems with your health.

What I’m actually saying is that every action you take after reading/using articles/blogs and recipes is that it’s at your own risk.

You can not hold me accountable for any losses, damages due to losses of details or profits when using this website.

You also cannot hold me responsible/accountable for the translations, interpretations, grammar errors on this website. Sometimes I just get a little bit too excited and I forget all the rules.

Ofcourse I will do my best to keep Foodless.net online 24/7. Sometimes (let’s hope it doesn’t happen too often) it could happen that the server is not responding without me knowing it. I cannot be hold accountable for that. (I’ll blame somebody else)


Dear readers, I will not sell your personal information or contact details to third parties nor will I put that information on spam accounts. I am not responsible for the privacy rules of the advertisers on this page nor of my readers. Cookies on the other hand is a whole different story. Als you read this website Google Analytics will check what you do (which is very handy for me so I can know what you like and don’t like without me asking you!).


I have the right (yes, really) to change, sell or stop this website completely when I see fit. I’m absolutely not planning to but I just thought ‘let’s get this out of the way shall we’?


We’ve reached the point where I’m gonna talk about advertisements (Yes, I’ve got them, how awesome is it?). I am not responsible for actions of these third parties. If you buy a product or service from a third party I highly recommend you contact them when problems occur.

Mail for Foodless

I’d like to start by saying I really love getting comments (and mail, presents, holidays, invites, birth cards) about the site, recipes, articles and so on. You have the opportunity to share your opinion on the website (you should!) but you can also reach me on LinkedIn, sent me an email at carlijn@foodless.net, direct message me on Instagram or sent me a message on Facebook! It can happen that I repost it on Instagram (I like positive feedback). It can also happen that I use your comment for promotional purposes or I might even highlight it on a blog, in an interview, movie, book, masterclass (ambition all the way) or on social media. Just so you know!