Chicken breast with basil and tapenade

Chicken is known for its many variaties and even as a gluten and lactose intolerant person there are so many ways to serve it. I try to eat chicken twice a week because a. it’s good b. contains lots of proteins! Marinated chicken, stuffed chicken, drumsticks pick whichever one you like my but I’m getting hungry just writing this! Mouthwatering all over the place. I hope you enjoy this recipe for chicken breast with basil and tapenade.


  • Chicken breast
  • Fresh basil
  • Tomato tapenade
  • Small wooden skewers

Place the wooden skewers in a bowl of water.

Cut in the length of the chicken breast and fold it open.

Place some fresh basil leaves on top of the chicken and spread some tomato tapenade on it.

Fold back the chicken and close it up with the wooden skewers.

Now it’s completely up to you how you prepare the chicken. You can grill it of place it in the oven! I put them in a normal flat pan (I guess the word I’m looking for is saucepan but that doesn’t make any sense to me) with a little bit of olive oil.

I’d love to hear your opinion on this chicken dish!

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Carlijn is een ervaringsdeskundige als het op overleven met een gluten- EN lactose-intolerantie aankomt.

Haar favoriete eten? Sushi, poké bowls en aardbeien!