is new but has been there for two years already! With my concept behind Foodless I have won the Freelancer of the Year Award 2015. Since then, Foodless started expanding and has not stopped!

Foodless is the online medium for people with a food intolerance. Next to that I’m working very hard to become the spokesperson for food intolerances in The Netherlands. Maybe even in Europe.

As someone who’s got two food intolerances herself I can easily connect to my readers and make them enthusiastic for a gluten free, lactose free or even soy free life. As I am working on my expert position with blogging, speaking at conferences (like the Free From Food Expo) and being published in large Dutch food magazines, the first official Foodless cook book will be on sale in September 2016!

Foodless has got great potential and I’ll make sure i’ll reach it.

Are you interested in a collaboration? Would you like to see your product, advertisement or promotion on this website or do you have a great freelance opportunity for me? Add me on LinkedIn, sent me an email at, direct message me on Instagram or sent me a message on Facebook!

The statistics will be online very soon.

I look forward to work with you!

Carlijn Bröring